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Cleveland Pagan Pride

Fletcher's Plants Co. (FPC) attended Pagan Pride Day in Bedford, Ohio over the weekend for the first, and definitely not the last, time. Workshop classes full of magick, dancers, drum circles, live music, food, and most fun of all, PLANTS!

Opening ritual on Saturday was peaceful and empowering. As people started to walk around the shaded canopy of differing species of trees in Bedford Square you could feel a gentle breeze that made the leaves in the canopy shimmer.

Many attendees passed by our tent surprised at the different plants they were seeing for the first time at Pagan Pride Day. As the sun began to set many green witches hugged their new plants as they made their way to listen to music.

FPC got to meet so many new people that bought their very first plants ever to plant collections that included rare ficus trees passed down from grandparents to mother to daughter. These conversations demonstrate how the love of plants goes deeper than a hobby. Plants live and adapt to our spaces. They live with us and watch us change as they grow. They can even outlive us and pass on the memories of our ancestors when we see them put out a new leaf.

Pagan Pride Day shows why Fletcher's Plants Co. believes every home should have a plant. Finding a plant that fits your lifestyle can lead to connections that span lifetimes.

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